At Lindy’s Elderberry we pride ourselves in providing pure, natural, small batch products!! We use high quality USDA Organic ingredients including locally grown elderberries and local raw honey!

About Us

Hi!! I’m Lindy Rivera. I live in the Maineville, Ohio (about 10 minutes from Kings Island) area with my husband, Rogelio and our 3 energetic home-schooled boys. We love Jesus, spending time together as a family, and helping people any way we can!

In 2012 I was pregnant with our first son and I started researching anything and everything I put into my body. Like many first time moms I wanted to do what was best to grow a healthy baby. Along that journey I realized how amazing elderberry syrup was! But, most of the store bought elderberry syrup is full of added sugar and preservatives. So, I decided to make my own with organic ingredients and local honey instead. 

A few years passed and many friends and family members expressed interest in my syrup and I started selling it. I decided to make a post seeing if anyone near us needed some homemade elderberry syrup and was surprised with an overwhelming response! In 2018 Lindy’s Elderberry took off like crazy and we haven’t slowed down since. I love serving the community and helping to keep everyone healthy!


We are so excited to be partnering with local businesses! Check out the locations tab to see where you can find our products in stores! Please contact us if you think our products would be a good fit for you and your local business. We do offer wholesale prices on multiple products!

Elderberry Syrup

Pure, natural, and helps the body maintain a healthy state! Available in three delicious flavors: Lemon/Original, Cherry, and Keto/Vegan! Also, our Keto/Vegan is honey free! In the busy season elderberry syrup is made fresh bi-weekly and features local (Goshen, OH) organic Elderberries!

local raw honey

We are proud to partner with Clermont County House of Honey! We use only raw, local honey in our Lemon and Cherry Elderberry Syrups! Depending on the season, we use a variety of different types from wildflower, to clover, or fall honey! Because of this, our elderberry can taste a little different per batch! Some honey has a sweeter taste than others and some is darker which will even change the color of our syrups slightly! You can also find our Elderberry Syrups at their shop and check out some of the busy bees!

Symptom Relief!

I recently tested positive for C0v$d and Lindy sent me over 2 bottles immediately. I am a believer! My symptoms lessened almost instantly. I truly believe it shortened my down time. My husband loves the taste too and he didn’t end up getting sick!

Cheri K.

Long Time Customer

I love all of Lindy’s products. She makes the best elderberry syrup around. I have been buying her products for about 3 years and I have never been disappointed. I highly recommend!


Pam T.

Great Products, Quick Turnaround!

Lindy’s Elderberry is excellent. She makes a great product and has always been easy to work with and has a quick turnaround. She was local to me initially, but we moved and I have had her ship products a few times. It has always gone smoothly! Happy to support her business!


Keep On Hand!

I can’t say enough positive stuff about Lindy’s elderberry. As soon as anyone has the sniffles in the house we all start taking it and it helps prevent he rest of us from catching it. The kids love the taste of it too! We always have some on hand at our house!

Kayla H.

Loyal Customer!

I have been a loyal customer for 2 years, Lindy has always made sure I get my syrup. Her elderberry syrup is delicious and the health benefits are immense. I swear by the stuff. I work with the public and while everyone around me drops like flies due to the latest ailment, because of my daily use of the syrup, ( I literally drink it out of the jar), I do not get sick anything like I used to and if I do get something, I am not down for the count like I would be if I did not take it. It doesn’t matter my financial situation, I ALWAYS make it work every month to get my syrup because 1. I am not feeding the pharmaceutical wheelhouse and 2. I am supporting small, local business that has an emphasis on holistic healing rather than invasive corporate fear mongering and feeding the bottom line.

Kimberlie Sparks

Whole Family Absolutely Loves The Syrup!

My entire family absolutely loves the syrup…. it has helped with allergies, immune boosting, a dry cough and digestion. The customer service is top notch as well, Lindy goes out of her way to make sure everything is perfect!!

Lindsey West

It Kept Me Healthy And From Returning To The Hospital

I took your elderberry after having ovarian cancer removed. It kept me healthy and from returning to the hospital over a simple cold that could have killed me.

Jennifer Alexander

You Won’t Regret Placing an Order!

These products are amazing and I have never been disappointed in anything I’ve received! I’ve ordered many products from her and they are high quality, delicious and effective. You won’t regret placing an order!


Our Premium Products


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