How long is the syrup good for and how can I tell if it has gone bad?

It is best to use the syrup within 3 months. Use by date is on the label. Syrup will be moldy when bad. We do not use any preservatives.


What is the price per serving? How does that compare to other brands?

Our 1 Qt bottle has about 60 adult servings. That is about $0.60 per serving and $1/oz.
-Whole foods: $4/oz
-Walmart: $10/oz
-Thrive Market: $2.50/0z



How Can I Get My Children To Take The Syrup?

We do not use any fillers or thickeners in our products so our syrup is more of a juice consistency children typically love it! Especially the cherry! But, if they don’t it is very easy to mix with juice, applesauce, or yogurt.



Where are products produced?

All products are produced in a commercial kitchen and approved of by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.


Local to Maineville, OH and wanting to pay cash and/or pick up?

Send us a message for a coupon code and address for pick up.
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